Many people are nervous about changing accountant, or stay with their accountant even when they are not happy with the service provided because they don’t want the perceived hassle or upset involved with changing accountant.

You may simply have outgrown your current accountant, may not be getting the appropriate level of service, or maybe the relationship has broken down. Whatever the reason, a smooth changeover is essential to ensure minimal to no disruption to your business and the financial support required from your trusted adviser.

Changing accountant is actually a lot more simple than you might think, and we strive to make it even easier with our Four Step Switch Service, as outlined below. Simply contact us and we will take care of the rest.




Tell us that you wish to join us at Lenio Accounting, Melton Mowbray and choose a changeover date that will cause the least disruption to your business. You will sign an authorisation letter to authorise us to speak to your current accountant and obtain your financial paperwork. Your previous accountant will send you a disengagement letter.



We will contact the existing accountant and ask for professional clearance.
We will ask if there is any reason why we should not accept you as a client. This is a professional formality and does not usually cause any problems.



We will complete a new client registration form capturing your personal and business information.
We will conduct due diligence on you, as is legally required by us and is part of our responsibility to combat fraud and money laundering.
We will issue you with a ‘Letter of Engagement’ which will outline both our and your responsibilities.



We will liaise with your old accountant to collect any remaining books and records and ensure a smooth handover of financial information.
We will write to HMRC and notify them that we are your new accountant, giving us the authority to file information and correspond with them on your behalf.


As you can see it really is quite straight forward and we will manage the entire process for you.
Interested in changing accountants? Contact us today by email or phone or come and visit us. Our accounts head office is ideally situated in the heart of Melton Mowbray on the Pera Business Park site.

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